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In the heart of the majestic Fredonia Mountains, a tradition that dates back generations flourishes: The production of high-quality coffee. At Los Villegas Coffee, we understand the importance of caring for the land that provides us with this natural treasure and we have embraced sustainability as a fundamental commitment in our coffee cultivation.

Fredonia, Antioquia. Los Villegas Coffee

Our Earth, Our Responsibility

We know that land is an invaluable and finite resource, and that is why we have adopted environmentally friendly agricultural practices. From the implementation of agroforestry techniques that promote the coexistence of native trees with coffee crops, to the promotion of biodiversity in our fields, we work tirelessly to preserve the natural wealth of our region.

Our effort to implement good practices not only protects our unique ecosystems, but also contributes to the resilience of the crop against disease and climate change and ensures that our future generations can continue the coffee tradition.


Quality Coffee and Environmental Commitment

At Los Villegas Coffee, we believe that sustainability and quality go hand in hand.

Our coffee beans are grown with passion and responsibility, which is
translates into an exceptional final product. By focusing on sustainable practices,
We reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that every cup of coffee we
you enjoy has a positive impact on the environment.


Join Our Cause

We invite you to be part of our coffee sustainability story.


Discover the richness of our fields, the quality of our grains and the unwavering commitment to preserving the land we love.


Together, we can enjoy exceptional coffee while protecting the environment that makes it possible. Welcome to our sustainable coffee community!



Sustainable initiatives
Los Villegas Coffee

Composting organic waste

We convert our organic waste generated in the production process into compost, which is then used to enrich the soil of our coffee plantations.

Reforestation with native trees

We decided to plant 600 native trees in order to provide natural shade, improve biodiversity and conserve soil.


In the task of recovering and conserving the forests and ecosystems of Fredonia; We at Villegas Coffee do our part by planting native trees near our coffee plantations.


Birds,  iguanas, spiny body, armadillo... 


Wildlife habitat, oxygen production, soil temperature reduction, natural air filter.

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Native trees


It reinforces forest barriers, regulates the climate, increases water availability, prevents soil erosion, conserves biodiversity.

Sown species

Saman, Pink and yellow Guyacán, Mahogany, Gualanday, Cedar, Walnut, Colombian Pine, Mata mouse.

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Sun drying

In our process we carry out natural drying in the sun instead of electric dryers to reduce energy consumption.

Environmental education:

Soon on our farm we will offer workshops to local farmers about the importance of sustainability and how to implement more environmentally friendly practices.

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